February 19, 2012

2.89 Hormones

2.89 understand the sources, roles and effects of the following hormones: ADH, adrenaline, insulin, testosterone, progesterone and oestrogen.

Endocrine glands, produce chemical signals known as hormones, these travel through the blood stream from an endocrine gland to a target tissue where is has an effect.

  • ADH/antidiuretic hormone – from the Pituitary gland – Target: collecting duct – increases absorption of water into the blood
  • Adrenaline – Adrenal glands (on top of kidney) – Heart (many others) – increase Heart Rate
  • Insulin – Pancreas – Liver – Storage of glucose (reduce blood sugar levels)
  • Glucagon (opposite of Insulin) – Pancreas – Liver – Puts sugar into blood stream
  • Testosterone – Testes (low levels in women, produced in ovaries) – Testes (sperm cells) – Sperm cells mature
  • Progesterone – Ovary – Uterus lining – maintain uterus lining
  • Oestrogen – Ovary – Lining of the Uterus – Build up the lining of the uterus

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