April 29, 2011

Seed formation

A diagram to show seed formation to a greater extent

April 23, 2011

3.4 Plant Fertilisation

Lily Dissection [Class Work]

I have annotated a photo I took of the Lily we dissected to show the individual Organs

Bellow are the measurements I recorded from this Lily
Number of Sepals: 3
Number of Petals: 3
Number of Stamen: 7
Length of Stamen: 80mm
Length of Anther: 30mm
Number of Carpels: 1
Width of Stigma: 5mm
Length of Style: 60mm
Diameter of Ovary: 5mm

This is a microscopic view of the ovules inside the ovary of a Trout Lily

This Transverse section of a carpel clearly shows the individual female organs

P.S. Sorry for the late post, I have been on holiday in New Zealand :)